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Peter is an Auckland architect, although he's not legally allowed to tell you that.

A former leader of News Zealand's Libertarianz party, at an early age he fell in love with the buildings of Frank Lloyd Wright and the writings of Ayn Rand - and he hasn't been the same since. He loves, he says, his 'six R's' - Rodin, Wright, Rand, Reed (Lou), Richard (Wagner), and Robert (Heinlein).

His Castle home is littered with Duke Ellington CDs, concrete manuals and Australian football videos, and he insists that his beloved yet mouldering Fiat Spider will one day rise again "like a phoenix." We are not so sure.

Visit Peter at www.organonarchitecture.co.nz or at his new blog.

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Cultures are not museum pieces. They are the working machinery of everyday life. Unlike objects of aesthetic contemplation, working machinery is judged by how well it works, compared to the alternatives.
Thomas Sowell
'Conquests & Cultures'

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Crocodile fatalities expose ethical flaw in environmentalism
Posted by Peter Cresswell on 9/29, 3:14pm
NEWS STORY, BBC: A man is believed to have been killed by a crocodile in northern Australia - the second fatal attack there in less than a week. The 56-year-old man was scuba diving with a friend on the Cobourg Peninsula, in the Northern Territory. In a separate incident last Saturday, Briton Russell Harris was killed ...(Read more...)
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November 19, 2005
Decentralisation, and Those Who Oppose It
by Peter Cresswell
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What's wrong with choice, and letting people exercise it? What's wrong with a cornucopia of choices, an abundance of options, a profusion of possible housing choices? Why can't you leave people alone to choose for themselves their own manner of living? When you strip away the veneer of buzzwords surrounding the planners' latest fads, you're left with the express intent that these people don't like the choices you make about how to live, and they will make you pay any price to avoid letting you do so. (Read more...)
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