Rebirth of Reason

The War Room
Waging the war for men's minds

We are in a philosophical war. Instead of bullets and bayonets, we fight with words and ideas. Our enemies are irrationality and the initiation of force, and the people that promote the use of them. The culture is our battlefield, and the stakes are nothing short of the future of Western Civilization. It is a war for men's minds.

This page is dedicated to fighting this war effectively. It will contain projects aimed at promoting Objectivism and Objectivist ideals. It will contain strategies for convincing others, and for promoting positive cultural change. It will contain analyses of the war, the different participants, and how they interact.

This page will be the means of organizing. It will be a place to promote and encourage projects, and to facilitate cooperation. It will attack the problem of changing the culture through reason, looking to identify the proper means and ends. It will aim to inspire.

Victory is a long way off, but every battle we win brings us closer to civilization. We are determined to win.

For further information, please read the War Room FAQ.

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