Rebirth of Reason

Not to start an argument, but while the Greeks, Germans, and Russians did all the philosophical thinking, it was British action that gave us limited state rule, proud shop-keepers, and incidentally a united North America...


The SOLO-UK chapter provides a forum for enjoying the company of other SOLO-ists. We meet once a month, in London, usually in the presence of fine wine and a prominent cheese. With a few nibbles and fewer niggles we ramble through topics fair and fierce in search of elucidation.

In accordance to the SOLO view, we also seek not only to broaden our understanding of the philosophy of Objectivism, but also put it into practice. With this in mind we happily attend a concert or exhibition as chances allow.

Longer-term ambitions are both ambitious and in the future. A gregarious bunch, we only release the hounds when everyone is safely indoors.

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For more details about RoR UK, contact Tim Visser by email (note, you must be logged in to view this email address).