Rebirth of Reason


Nothing "objectivist" about this area, but it definitely is all Sense of Life! This area is all about our favorites in this area. I'll start out with some of my own, and please e-mail me here with your additions!

Elizabeth's Favorites

Thing to Get in NYC: A cold almond tea with tapioca from Tea Tea
Pizzeria : some place in the Village - I'll get the exact name! Could it be Village Pizza?? :)
Steak House: Peter Luger's - hands down
Bar: McSorley's
Play: Les Mis (I know, it's left Broadway, I'll have to find a new one!)
Surprisingly Enjoyable: Ellis Island, many people see the Statue and skip this island
Shop: H&M (not a NY original, but a must for every girl!)
Chris's Must Sees

Empire State Building
Staten Island Ferry
Ground Zero (when you do this, you need to go also to Battery Park City, to
see the crushed "Sphere" sculpture with the eternal flame, and then, head
back to St. Paul's Chapel of Trinity Church, where there is a wonderful
Times Square
Washington Square Park
Central Park

American Museum of Natural History
Metropolitan Museum of Art

Other boroughs:
Bronx:  New York Botanical Gardens, The Bronx Zoo, Yankee Stadium
Queens:  Flushing Meadow Park, Shea Stadium
Staten Island:  Richmondtown (Colonial houses), Clove Lake Park
Brooklyn:  Coney Island, Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn Museum, the Brooklyn
Heights Promenade, Prospect Park, Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

Eateries:  Fuhgedaboudit!  Too many to mention. :)