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Welcome to SOLO NYC!

If you have found your way here, hopefully you are an objectivist that lives in or near what is probably the most wonderful city in the world, or visiting us!
Let me introduce myself, I'm Elizabeth, and I'm in charge of this area of SOLO. I try to put up a variety of information that would be of interest to SOLOists in the area here. This site is used to talk about local politics, local events, and of course plans to meet one another!
Local clubs are fairly new to SOLO, so plans and content is flexible and catered to everyone's interests. If you'd like to add something or set something up, get a hold of me! Suggestions are welcome.
A few ground rules. Everyone can post to the forum and you're encouraged to start discussions or even initiate meetings if there is an event coming up that interests you. I need not be present or necessarily be the one planning it. Our meetings so far are informal meetings right now. As we grow, they can get more frequent and varied. We have been asked to join some other organizations' meetings in the past, but usually what we do is open invitations with only one group running a meeting at a time. That way they have say of what happens.
So, enjoy the site, and I hope to meet each of you soon!
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