Rebirth of Reason

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  The purpose of this forum is to lay the ground for the future of Objectivist theory in music by seeking the answer to Rand's   "great, unanswered question: Why does music make us experience emotions?" as well as the question "Where are the musical innovations in music?".  She claims that "No one has yet discovered the answers and, I hasten to add, neither have I." I hasten to add that I have not as well! BUT, she left us with a map to the treasure in her book THE ROMANTIC MANIFESTO. I recommend that all participants read this book. 

 This means that SOLO Music will NOT consist of polls on the greatest composer, the greatest composition, etc. . "It's much to soon for that." What I hope that we will go here is go beyond genre considerations to the root of musical understanding, by tracing the past to set the future stage. We may not see the answer for some time, but if we can pave the way for the future generations, it will be no small feat.

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