Rebirth of Reason


     About Objectivism

     Ayn Rand Institute - The authoritative source for information about Objectivism

Solo Links - This is a list of links Jason posted about not being an objectibot

The Objectivist Center - The less-authoritarian promoter of Objectivism

Importance of Philosophy - An introduction to the fundamental importance of philosophy with an emphasis on Objectivism


Networking and Clubs

New Intellectual Forum - Chicago area discussion group

Local Ayn Rand Meet-Up Groups

       Chicago Group

       Aurora Group  (this group is pretty much inactive, needs some action. Any volunteers)

       Solo Florida  I know, I know, not exactly a local group but Luke provides many good resources


The Atlasphere - Networking Directory and Dating Site connecting admirers of The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged


Illinois Campus Clubs

            University of Chicago, Chicago

            Club Leader: Travis Pew



            University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

            Club Leader: Douglas Peltz



            University of Illinois, Chicago

            Club Leader: Yelena Shagall



            Northwestern University, Evanston

            Northwestern University Objectivist Club

            Club Leader:  Elizabeth Barancik



Blogs, Essayists and Objectivist Personalities

The Bidinotto Blog - Robert Bidinotto's blog, dealing with matters personal, cultural and political.

Tibor's Place on the Web - The website of regular SOLO contributor Tibor Machan, featuring drafts of his columns and other writings together with some photos of him and his family.

Chris Matthew Sciabarra - PHD and Objectivist scholar at NYU

Nathaniel Branden - Home page of psychologist and writer of many books inlcuding The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem

Barbara Branden - Author of The Passion of Ayn Rand

The Daily Dose of Reason - Visit DrHurd.com for a refreshing visit to reality

The Rational Basis of Happiness - Clinical Psychologist Dr. Ellen Kenner

Michael Newberry - Objectivist Artist

Ron Merrill Archive - Archive of Ron's writing and correspondance



Amazon - Using this link helps Solo financially

iGive - Using this link helps The Objectivist Center - many major online retailers

Ayn Rand Bookstore - Online bookstore selling books of interest to Objectivists (only ARI affiliated authors)

Laissez-Faire Books - The worlds best selection of books on liberty

The Objectivism Store - Objectivist items available through The Objectivist Center

Wheeler Designworks - Your humble hostess' online store for promotional products (shameless self-promotion)



CATO Institute - Libertarian think-tank with daily articles and news and loads of online content

i-feminists - The home for individualist feminism on the net. Wendy McElroy's site

Capitalist Chicks - The new face of capitalism

Objectivist Yellow Pages - This is a fairly basic and easy to search small directory of Objectivists



Save the Humans - Objectivist Humor

Jib Jab - Silly cartoons and political satire 

Hank - religious satire

Objectivist Reference  - Parodies and Humor about Objectivism