Rebirth of Reason


The Ayn Rand Institute announces a free live event in Chicago

Debate on Foreign Policy:
Dr. Yaron Brook vs. Dan Slater

Monday, January 16, 2006 at 7:30 PM
University of Chicago; Chicago, Illinois
Location: Kent 107

For a map and directions, click the following link:


Meetup Group

The Chicago/Evanston Ayn Rand Meetup group meets the fourth Saturday of the month at Gullivers on Howard and California at 2:00.

Danish Cartoon Panel Discussion at UofC

Here are the details for the upcoming talk in Chicago about the Danish Cartoons.


The University of Chicago Objectivist Club is pleased to announce a
panel discussion in defense of the freedom of speech. Danish cartoons
depicting Muhammad have sparked a worldwide controversy. Death
threats and violent protests have sent the cartoonists into hiding and
have had the intended effect of stifling freedom of expression. The
reaction to these cartoons raises urgent questions whose significance
goes far beyond a set of drawings.

Come ask your questions about freedom of speech, the Danish cartoons,
and the issues they have raised at a panel discussion. The cartoons
will be prominently displayed throughout the event.

When: Tuesday, April 25th, 7pm. Doors open at 6:30

Where: Kent Chemical Laboratory, Room 107, on the University of
Chicago campus. The Kent Chemical Laboratory is at 1020 East 58th
Street; Chicago, IL. For maps of campus and the surrounding area, see

Dr. Yaron Brook, president of the Ayn Rand Institute
Greg Lukianoff, president of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education
Tom Flynn, editor of Free Inquiry magazine

Tickets: $2, in the Reynold's Club (5706 South University) between
11am and 2pm on April 20, 21, 24. Remaining tickets will be sold at
the door. Those who find it inconvenient to purchase advance tickets
on campus may email
rebkna@uchicago.edu to reserve them.