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Rebirth of Reason

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Savvy people (who have already read the book) will realize that I stopped my reading, to make my comment, at precisely the time where Tuschman throws 4 people (Glenn Beck, Barry Goldwater, Rand Paul, and John Stossel) 'under the bus' as being people wholeheartedly in the grips of racism, but who, of those still living, are now merely engaging in dissembling sophistry to rhetorically reframe the issue (of racism) into a supposed "free-market" issue. Having realized that that's where I stopped, they will assume that I am being tribalistic by defending the 4 'suspects'. When I mention that the issue is governed by principles that require seamless integration into one's conceptual framework of the world, they will then cry:




**According to the new "logic" from these new scientists, being principled is racist. What's amazing is how intellectual they are -- how skillfully they can write about diverse and complex matters of fact -- while still failing to be wise. If you live long enough, you will get "experience" but "experience" -- for some unknown reason -- does not necessarily translate into a gain in wisdom (a "panoramic understanding"). I wish there was a pill you could give people that would make them wise. It would be awesome if obviously-smart people like Tuschman championed freedom instead of a "new" collectivism grounded in evolutionary or biological determinism.

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