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Our Political NatureMy recap from reading up to page 68:

Some good work and some good thought in here, but ...

Tuschman shows himself to be part of that new brand of social scientists who are too fascinated with evolutionary and biological psychology to realize that they are in the grips of it (while they presume to be commenting objectively about it, or about the results of it). The preface includes this quip: " ... my intention here is not to take sides, it is to illuminate." and, as I read that, I thought to myself: Hmmm, strong statement. I will believe when I see it!

I made it to page 68 before giving up on the possibility that that was, indeed, the case. Now, I'm not calling Tuschman a liar. Like I said, these new scientists believe that they are outside of the grips of the very science which they are proposing everyone else to be in the grips of. They don't yet realize the internal inconsistency of that. Anyway, like I said above, it has good parts and it is evident that intelligent preparation went into it.

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