Rebirth of Reason

Welcome to Solo Food Forum.
I am here to help you cook the most authentic Italian dishes especially pasta meals and enjoy the delicious, diverse cuisine that the people of Italy have been creating for hundreds of years.I will teach you to cook fast, easy recipes, that are delicious. Most recipes are from southern Italy .
I love to share with you what I have learned and am still learning in the Restaurant business .
The recipes that I am going to present here, however, even though inspired to a concept of extreme simplicity and rapidity, they respect integrally the flavors and that joyous traditions of the table, which is typically from southern Italy.

For the Italians, food is an expression of love. Every meal is an opportunity for family and friends to come together and share lively conversation and laughter. Nourishing food that is flavorful and eaten with friends and family not only strengthens bodies, but helps make life rich and full.

Ciro D'Agostino !

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