Rebirth of Reason

Architecture is that great inclusive agency through which mankind adapts the environment to human needs and, reciprocally, attunes human life to its cosmos; amid continual changes architecture can keep human life more natural and nature more humane.
--Frank Lloyd Wright
Architecture is the scientific art of making structure express ideas; the triumph of human imagination over materials, methods and men to put man in possession of his earth.
--Frank Lloyd Wright

SOLO Architecture is under way, but still largely under construction.

So, the good news then is that you yourself have a chance to influence the direction of SOLO Architecture. Send me your ideas, links to your favourite architects, favourite architecture articles, books and works etc. And feel free to kick off discussions in the Forum yourself.

In the meantime, here's two links to get you started -- What is Architecture? and Architecture 101 -- and a question to answer: is architecture art? If so (or not) what makes it so (or not)?

And here's a reading list to get you started. :-)

More Details

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