Rebirth of Reason

Atlas FAQ

What is an Atlas point?

If you read an article or see a review of a book or movie or any gallery item, and you like it, you can "sanction" it by clicking on the check graphic. If you read a post on the forum and you think the person made a good point, then you can "sanction" the point by clicking the check graphic next to it. This will award an Atlas point to whoever wrote the article, added the gallery item, or wrote the post. It will also give an Atlas point to the article, gallery item, or post, so other users can see what's good. Also, if a person adds a gallery item like a book or movie review and the moderators accept it, then they get an Atlas point for contributing. This only applies to certain galleries.

What is an Atlas Level?

As users, gallery items, and posts accumulate Atlas points, they will also get Atlas levels. For users, the first Atlas Level is at 10 Atlas points, the second at 50, the third at 250, fourth at 1250, and so on. Galleries and posts are at 1, 3, 10, 32 etc. For each Atlas level, there is an Atlas icon by a persons profile or next to a gallery item, post, or thread. In addition, a user's votes become more influential as his Atlas level increases.

How does this tie in with moderation?

Our forums and galleries are semi-moderated. Until a user has gotten his first Atlas icon (10 Atlas points) all his posts will have to be accepted by the moderator. Beyond the first Atlas level, that user's posts will be accepted immediately. Gallery submissions are moderated until a user has gotten his second Atlas icon (33 Atlas points). Some gallery items like articles and polls are always moderated, and will be scheduled by the moderators for when they should go up.

Moderation exceptions

The moderators and administrators of this web site can mark any user as "moderated" or "unmoderated" which will override the above algorithm using Atlas levels.