Rebirth of Reason

Sense of Life

The Rebirth
by Joseph Rowlands

The Renaissance was specifically the rebirth of reason, the liberation of man's mind, the triumph of rationality over mysticism - a faltering, incomplete, but impassioned triumph that led to the birth of science, of individualism, of freedom. – Ayn Rand
Welcome to the Rebirth of Reason website.

The title of this site refers to Ayn Rand's description of the Renaissance.  The site is created to be a tool for bringing about a new Renaissance.  Its purpose is to advance the philosophy of Objectivism.

The site also seeks to be a microcosm of the world we want to create.  The rebirth of reason starts here.  If we want to create a better world, we must start with ourselves.  If we want a healthier culture, we have to create it here.  If we want to promote reason, accomplishment, and happiness, we need only look to ourselves.

The name of the site is also apt because the site is a rebirth of an earlier incarnation.  It is reborn in an attempt to bring back its focus and purpose.  We've retained the previous content and structure to emphasize a continuity with the past.  We're not starting at the beginning, we're just going back to our roots.

Our goal is to create an online center of activism.  I use the term 'activism' in a broad sense to mean action in support of a cause.  There are many kinds of activism, but they all involve working towards a higher purpose.  Our purpose is a rebirth of reason.

The site provides support for several broad categories of activism, such as cooperation, participation, education, and support.  Joint projects are possible through our War Room Project Manager, as well as our networking and communication software.  Participation is encouraged through our article submissions, forums, interest group leadership position, and local club system.  Education occurs via our articles, forum interactions, and local clubs.

Being an Objectivist in today's world can be difficult, since our ideas are radical and very different from most people's.  For that reason, the last mentioned form of activism—support—is one of the most crucial.  We benefit from knowing like-minded people.  We need a place where we can live life as it is supposed to be lived.  Where happiness and pride are valued, and where seeking the best within us is admired and encouraged.

We have various kinds of 'support' activism on this site.  We have profile software where people can learn about each other.  We have a romance page where people can meet one another, and where lovers can share their happiness.  We have local groups across the country and the world where people can meet face to face.  We have a private mail system where users can write to one another.

With this very real need of mutual support in mind, part of the rebirth will be to work towards a friendly environment.  The Rebirth of Reason should be a sanctuary for Objectivists where we can come and enjoy ourselves.  It should be a place where we can glimpse at the world of the future that we're working towards.  It should be a place that emphasizes our similarities instead of our differences.  It should be a community of friends and allies.

The rebirth is not done.  It is just starting.  There's a lot of work to be done.  But there are also new opportunities, and new adventures ahead.  There is glory to be had, and friendships to be made.  I hope you'll join me.

"We have it in our power to begin the world anew" -Thomas Paine
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