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My name is Landon Erp I live in Indianapolis Indiana, I work for a Document Management company.

I've read all of Rand's fiction (my favorite being Atlas Shrugged) most of her nonfiction and I've considered myself an Objectivist since 2002, favorite branch of discussion tends to be aesthetics.

I am a huge comic fan with some of my favorites being Steve Ditko, Will Eisner, Frank Miller, and newer clean realistic style adventure artists such as Phil Jimenez, Bryan Hitch, and Alex Ross. I'm in the process of developing a comic for self publication but the process has been slow due to a number of factors

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itko, Steve
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No comic artist has been better known for incorporating Randian themes in his work than Steve Ditko, co-creator, with Stan Lee, of "Spider-Man." Among Ditko’s comic book heroes, one will find Static, The Creeper, The Blue Beetle, and Mr. A (as in "A is A"), as well as the faceless crime fighter known as The Question, a... (Read more...)
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Sex makes people healthy, cheerful, strong, beautiful and sleepy
Posted by Sarah House on 7/20, 2:07pm
Given that this topic underlies every conversation on the face of this planet, here you go. Bashful and Sneezy were unavailable for comment. "Sexual excitement intensifies the bloodstream, which may add 25 percent to a woman's breast size. Furthermore, women can raise their IQ with every orgasm that they ...(Read more...)
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Daredevil: The Man Without Fear
Daredevil: The Man Without Fear by Frank Miller

Frank Miller made his start as a writer on Daredevil, so it was fitting that he returned to the character that made him famous to do the definitive origin. ... (See the whole review)

(Added by Landon Erp on 5/23/2005, 6:26pm)
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Donnie Darko
Donnie Darko (2001/2004)

Starring: Jake Gyllenhaal, Jena Malone, Drew Barrymore, Noah Wyle
Director: Richard Kelly

Donnie Darko first hit theaters on Halloween in 2001 and did poorly, but then it went on to become a "cult hit" and sold 10 million copies on DVD.  Donnie Darko: The Director's Cut is scheduled for a limited release this fall, 2004.   Donnie Darko begins when Donnie, a troubled adolescent, first hallucinates Frank, who saves his life by lead... (See the whole review)

(Added by Jana Beck on 8/09/2004, 8:41pm)
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Motive ForceMotive Force
Bryan Larsen

I won't belabor Larsen's talent here, given the number of his works already on this site! But I had to post my other purchase. I will say that my favorite part of this painting (among many) is Dagny's hand on the blue-green rail. So much is contained there, and it clearly, beautifully says "mine." I also like the countryside behind, because it's no... (See the whole comment)
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January 31, 2006
On Art
by A. Robert Malcom
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     One of the problems in dealing with the issue of aesthetics is that, from the philosophical standpoint, it has been considered the least of the branches of philosophy - this, despite the fact that it is personal, that is to say, individualistic, not tribalistic, and thus really the most important of the sibling of... (Read more...)
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