Rebirth of Reason

RoR University is an experimental venture for RoR. The goal is to take people interested in gaining a detailed level of Objectivism, and training them. The benefits to the would-be student are obvious. In turn, RoR gains some useful experience in the process of making Objectivism understandable to a learning audience.

This group is for people seriously interested in learning the philosophy. And that means you come in expecting to learn, not expecting to show off what you already know. You'll be expected to do some reading on your own, and there will be periodic checking to determine how much you've understood.

The class will start with the most basic aspects of Objectivism, so anyone may apply. Class size is not determined at this point, nor is the duration of the course set. The discussions will happen on a private forum where you'll be allowed to ask questions comfortably.

Joseph Rowlands is the first "professor" at RoR University.

We are no longer taking applicants.

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For more details about RoR University, contact Joseph Rowlands by email (note, you must be logged in to view this email address).