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Ayn Rand and Star Trek
Posted by Michael Marotta on 6/19, 4:53pm

J. Neil Schulman interviewed Ayn Rand for the New York Daily News.“We spoke on the phone for another four hours. Rand initially would not agree to let me interview her, but by the end I brought her around.             

She interviewed me during that phone call as much as I interviewed her.              

She told me that she watched Star Trek and Spock was her favorite character. “

J. Neil Schulman: "I Met Ayn Rand"



Back in the 2oth century, I attended a trekker con in Livonia, Michigan. Armin Shimerman (Quark) was the Guest of Honor. The Ferengi were as close as Star Trek ever came to honoring merchants. Harry Mudd and Cyrano Jones were not heroic. Quark had potential. I asked Armin Shimerman if he ever read anything by Ayn Rand and he said that he read The Fountainhead in college and in preparation for shooting the next season, he was going to read Atlas Shrugged.


Armin Shimerman played Dr. Potter from the State Science Institute in Atlas Shrugged Part I.



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