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Dumb Little Men and the Meaning of Life
Posted by Warren Chase Anspaugh on 6/02, 1:49am
I subscribe to "Dumb Little Man" on my iGoogle homepage. It's a blog that shares sundry tips here and there. Anyway, tonight there was the blog entry titled "So What Really Is the Meaning of Life?"
Being the Philosophically-minded person I am, I couldn't resist clicking it.

I skimmed over it, and got a good gist of it. I was more interested in the comments, as sometimes the greatest nuggets of gold are in the comments of blogs, sites, youtube vids, and so on.

And indeed I found some Objectivist gold, even if it isn't Authentic O'ism, it's still got that O'ist sparkle and glitter - and damnit, that's good enough for me.

Here is the very golden (and Objectivist) comment:
"I stopped reading after "Albert Einstein said that ‘only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile,’ and I believe that a life of service to others is what truly brings meaning." Such b.s... Like seriously people, you should'nt live for anyone expect for yourself and the people you love. Stop being so fake and pretend you live for others, because you dont lie just to anyone around you, but to yourself as well. A perfect world would be where anyone would take care of himself. You think the world could not exist without your help? It's true, the poor people would have to work, and the addicted people would have to be more aware to themselves. But why would you care? You can't be happy with your own life? Have to live through other? If so, this is your problem, and not the solution. I believe if everybody would take care of themself, but really good care, the world would be a better plave for everybody. Keep the money that you earn with hard work to yourself and enjoy it is not a bad thing, and nobody should feel guilty for doind it. PLEASE, JUST LIVE YOUR OWN LIFE."

And all I have to say to that, is "Damn Straight."
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