Rebirth of Reason

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From the Executive Director:

The Rebirth Continues
Posted by Joseph Rowlands on 12/02, 12:45am
Welcome to the new site everyone.  You'll notice my introduction article here.

I want to give special thanks to Dean Gores for putting in a ton of last minute effort getting the site up and ready.  He's been a huge help, and he's taken the job as Webmaster of this site.

I also want to thank the senior staff that's moved to this new organization with me.  Luke Setzer will continue in his role as Club Coordinator, and we've got some big ideas coming up for him.  Julia Brent will continue her role as Director of Operations, giving me invaluable advice and pushing some of the more difficult tasks that need to be done.  Elizabeth Kanabe is staying on as our Event Coordinator, helping out with the planning of conferences (more soon!).  And JJ Tuan is staying on as our Global Distributor.  I want to thank all of these people for the help they've given in setting a direction for the new organization, and a ton of behind the scenes work.  Thanks team!

I've made the decision to remove all other members of staff at first so that they can make the decision themselves whether or not they'd like to continue in their role.  That includes all Interest Group leaders and Local Club Leaders.  In no way should this be taken as a sign that I was unhappy with any of them.  I request that each of them start where they left off.  This process is to make sure they understand that I respect their right to choose.  Please contact me if you're willing to continue where you left off.

One large position that has been vacated is the Editor.  Andrew Bissell has decided to work for Lindsay at the new SOLO site.  That leaves an important position open here that I'd like to get filled soon.  Please send me a note privately if you are interested or would like to know more.

With the switch in the new site, the group memberships were lost for each person.  You can go to your preferences page on the bottom of the screen (click your userID link).

For those of you with articles in the queue who put them there while the site was SoloHQ, please let me know if you'd still be interested in running them on this site.

There's a lot to do to get the site up and running at full steam.  Articles may be infrequent at the beginning until we get things back on course.  I ask for you patience.

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