Rebirth of Reason

Western Civilization is sometimes described as pro-reason and pro-science.  It means that people view the world as knowable, and recognize that knowledge as a boon to our survival.  It is a philosophical orientation to look out at the world and discover what it's all about.  It's a cultural view that upholds science, the pursuit of knowledge, as a value.


Where the specific knowledge gained about the world is called science, it is philosophy that guides the process of discovery by providing the epistemological basis.  The common-sense view of science is based on certain philosophical ideas, including objectivity, the primacy of existence, the Law of Identity, and much more.  The philosophy of science is aimed at determining exactly how science should be informed by philosophy.


The goal of this group is to explore the philosophy of science.  This can include the epistemological issues involved, the different methods for the different sciences, and how existing sciences compare with the philosophical underpinnings.   


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