Rebirth of Reason


Diminishing Returns by Frank O'Connor


Welcome to Solo Psychology!

Here we will explore issues that deal with epistemology, psycho-epistemology, the conscious and subconscious and the people who deal with such issues.


For now, there is only a member list to look at and threads - where your participation is most welcome. As time goes on, I will be adding nutshell summaries from an Objectivist standpoint on the major schools of psychology, a part on child psychology, a listing of the major mental illnesses including my own specialty, addiction, and several other categories. A special Nathaniel Branden page is in the works. Suggestions are most welcome at this stage. Frankly, I will be adding many things as I read about them and become more familiar with them.


I do hope you enjoy your stay and even learn something. I know I will.



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