Rebirth of Reason

Public Schools

Government schools, or public schools as they are often referred to, are one of the worst violations of individual rights in existence. In one single government program they manage to: steal massive amounts of wealth from us; steal the best years of our childhood and our children's childhood; indoctrinate those very children in socialist propaganda; leave the children uneducated and incapable of logical, rational thought; lock up the children with a group of thugs where they are unable to be protected and so learn to live in fear and resentment, as well as mortal danger; encourage the belief that people belong to the government, instead of government is created and controlled by the people; and much more.

What possible reason could people have for starting such monstrous institutions? And why are they allowed to continue? Because they are based on a commonly accepted moral premise, the Ethics of Intentions. People care more that the schools are allegedly built to help the children then they do about the consequences. No matter how bad the results, people will defend schools on the premise that they are trying to do good.

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