Rebirth of Reason

Welcome to SOLO Homo. Gay and lesbian Objectivists and straight or questioning fellow travelers are welcome. It's acknowledged that there is an assumption in general society that a person is straight unless told otherwise. That assumption is useful, because it works most of the time. SOLO Homo offers a place where that assumption can be reversed.

As SOLO offers a port in the stormy battle for minds, SOLO Homo offers a nearby stop and a safe respite. We do not seek to ghetto-ize ourselves and will actively participate in and engage the SOLO forum at large; when a topic is raised within SOLO Homo that is of interest to all SOLOists, the discussion or thread will be posted to the general forum.

SOLO Homo will be a meeting place and social spot, but will also be a place where ideas of particular interest to gay Objectivists can be presented, discussed, and - most of all - developed. There will be a strong emphasis on fresh application to long-neglected areas of thought.  We acknowledge that there are unique challenges gay people face and that the ideas of Ayn Rand and Objectivism present a tool to address those challenges.

We seek to be an antidote to the collectivist ideology of most gay activists. In this area as in all areas of our lives, we affirm the rights of the individual.

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For more details about RoR Homo, contact Derek McGovern by email (note, you must be logged in to view this email address).