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The city of Atlanta, a cultural oasis in the largely rural Southeast, offers a home to both Northern and Southern transplants.  SOLO Georgia seeks to be a friendly, dynamic place where one can meet other Sense of Life Objectivists.  Here we’ll discuss great places and events in Atlanta and the Southeast and best of all coordinate ways to get together with other like-minded – and like-spirited – people.


Seriousness about enjoying life is welcome – anal-retentiveness is not.  We're a fun bunch, so sign up and join in!




TOC-Affiliated Clubs:

Emory Libertarians
City:  Atlanta State:  GA Country:  USA

Description:  To educate ourselves and others about Libertarianism, Objectivism, and Classical liberalism. To sponsor events to promote Libertarian and Objectivist ideals in practice.

Other Info:  Meeting Places: The first and third Monday of every month at 8:00 PM
Fellowship of Reason
City:  Atlanta State:  GA Country:  USA

Description:  A rational moral community embracing the philosophy of Objectivism and the virtues of benevolence.

Other Info:  

Website:  http://www.fellowshipofreason.com

Georgia Objectivists Yahoo! Groups:



Benevolent social club of Objectivists and those interested in Ayn Rand and her works. Keywords: Savannah, SCAD, Objectivists, Ayn Rand, Georgia, Southeast, Chatham County, Coastal Empire, Atlas Shrugged, selfishness, altruism, egoism, rational, reason, logic, capitalism, Fountainhead, science, atheism, atheist, freethough, philosophy.

Georgia Objectivists is a open and benevolent social group enjoying the ideas of Ayn Rand in Atlanta, Georgia.


The West Georgia COMMUNITY OF REASON A social forum for discussions among rationalists , atheists , agnostics , freethinkers , secular humanists , Brights , skeptics , Objectivists , secularists , and other nontheists in the West Georgia area with an eye toward forming an organization of West Georgians who choose to live ethical but religion-free and mysticism-free lives. Small towns, open minds.

Other Groups:

Atlanta Objectivists http://www.nationweb.com/groups/groups/Countries/UnitedStates/Georgia/atlanta.htm

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