Rebirth of Reason

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Monday, August 28, 2006 - 10:51amSanction this postReply
Ultimately, it's a great love story. It also shows Mel's love of torture scenes.

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Wednesday, November 29, 2006 - 9:46amSanction this postReply
Chris, with a post like that, you'll scare them away.  From what I've heard of The Passion, this movie is not nearly as bad (as far as torture goes).  It's an epic story, one that I can watch once a year, partially because the pacing is so well-done.  At no point in the movie does a scene change jolt me or ring untrue.  As well as having a solid story, there are also quite a few moments where something clever or amusing happens--but it never detracts from the story.  One of my favorite moments is Wallace's response to being called a liar in the middle of the movie.  (I tend to like more subtly amusing moments in movies--ones that are based on earlier story points--rather than the obvious "comic relief" moments.)

The music for this movie is absolutely fantastic.  The soundtrack was either the first or second CD I ever owned.  A man named David Henrickson has already said it better than I might, in a review on Amazon:

"From the opening track, the discerning listener will understand that Horner is trying to produce a romantic, melancholy, and almost mystical atmosphere. The strings intertwine to create a sense that this legendary story of honor and freedom is being lifted out of an ancient mist. Then the mystic drone of the bagpipe is heard, and it is at this point that anyone with a true soul begins to break down. It is very rare that music can really touch the soul; it is even rarer for a soundtrack to do so. For all its greatness, a John Williams score is generally too boisterous to pierce to the heart. But Horner knows not only how to excite the senses with the drumbeats and battle-horns of war, but also how to arouse the long-forgotten desire to live a legend. In the end, it is very hard to resist the desire to don a kilt and rush, sword drawn, at some modern-day tyrant."

The entrance of the bagpipe didn't make me break down, but the soundtrack did reach me in such a way, later in the movie.  ....If you haven't seen this movie, watch it.  Today.  :-)

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