Rebirth of Reason

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I’ll never understand these Lefties and their hatred of Capitalism and businessmen, for they commit, by doing so, an absolute contradiction in terms.

Why? Because they hate businessmen, precisely the only ones that can fulfill what they declare to be their ideal, the betterment of the hungry, an ideal which, however, they themselves decry in actual deeds, as they destroy shops and enterprises in their demonstrations. If so, why don't they behave alike with medical staff? On the other hand, they don’t reject Russian and Chinese generals that, due to all the medals they have to carry, look more like a walking museum of hanging tinplate. Neither are they against chess champs nor against soccer or basketball games or Marathon runs, etc. They are, of course, against Tennis, for this is a rich man’s game, but such a behavior is, in itself, a double contradiction in terms, since, on the one hand, most of the rich people promote and back up left-wing aims, while, on the other side, many of the game’s champs didn’t start right up there but much far below and are even colored people. When it comes to Golf, it’s filled with black golfers that participate in championships and become champs themselves, and should the Lefties now be against this to be so, they must be considered absolute nuts. And all these chess masters and racing car champs or high-jumpers wouldn’t have reached this honor if it would have been forbidden them to practice their game from the very start. None of the football greats would have become famous if they wouldn’t have been allowed to play with a ball. Well, so they are good, and what are we to give them beside admiration? Medals? Oh, come on, if so, not one of them had thought of starting on this hard road, save to play for their own entertainment on some lonesome and forgotten waste place. Since there’s nothing else to bestow, we give them money (Oh, horror of all horrors, how can we?)

Well, it’s the same with entrepreneurs. Just like the future athlete, the future chess champion can’t know at his day of birth that he will once become a champ, the future businessman hasn’t the slightest hint that in the future he will have some startling idea, as happened to Wozniak, Jobs, Gates, Gillette, those that invented the supermarket, the airplane, the elevator, the typewriter, the sewing machine, the car, the aspirin, the ballpoint, etc. up to infinity, that allowed them to get rich by the natural and logical procedure of offering their goods to possible buyers who, at the time of their birth, didn’t know that they would once have to decide by themselves whether to buy these goods or not. And, if he wouldn’t have been allowed to so, as it happens in Russia, in Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea and so forth, we would never have had the chance of getting the advantages that the goods produced give us to better our own existence. A businessman is like a chess champ, a World Cup winner, a race car champ, an individual that has the capacity to produce goods, without whom they would never had been produced, distributed and sold. To do so, did the businessman exploit his workers and employees? Where and how? For, if it were so, we would have to state that Bobby Fisher exploited his opponents, including Spassky, at their game. Did these opponents felt exploited or did they enjoy the possibility of testing their own capacities and getting the advantage of learning from the match? As Ayn Rand said: “When I disagree with a rational man, I let reality be our final arbiter; if I am right, he will learn; if I am wrong, I will; one of us will win, but both will profit.”

Further on, should a worker or employee not be satisfied with the place where he works or the people with whom he has to deal, he can always leave the place and find a job at another company. Within Communism this isn’t possible, for there is only one factory – if there’s one at all – and there’s just one boss: the State. My grandpa used to be a communist in his youth, but when he didn’t like what he had to do or the people around him, he quit the job and got another one all by himself. What was his specialty? He was a lathe operator all his life, he liked it and I never heard him complain about it, which means that he acted in a fully capitalistic manner. Lefties can only complain. Why don’t they apply some personal effort to better their own personal situation? Why? Because they are Mommy boys and girls living off from their rich parents support, just like useless Marx, who lived from others that supported him for the length of his life.

We have to endure such people, which is deeply unjust!

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Sunday, June 6 - 9:09amSanction this postReply



Manfred, do you and wife still live in Vienna? What is the scene on the Left there as compared to your impression of what current Left is like in the US?


Have you ever been in my cathedral in Vienna? --Stephen



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