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Saturday, September 26 - 2:01amSanction this postReply
The folks at the Ayn Rand Institute prefer Biden over Trump.

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Gosh darn, if only I'd known about all these folks and their reasons, I'd have supplemented my own with them. We all so desperately need electoral political advice, name-calling, and character assasinations. Alas, we already voted against the incumbent earlier this week without any advice from anyone either way.

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Saturday, September 26 - 6:17amSanction this postReply

Stephen’s extended sarcasm is hard to follow.  This much seems clear:  He voted against Trump – for Biden I suppose – and agrees with the reasons Yaron Brook gives for doing so.

The rest is obscure.  He might try turning off the sarcasm and say what he has to say in plain language, with a few examples (name-calling, character assassinations).

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Sunday, September 27 - 4:13amSanction this postReply

The Ayn Rand Institute is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit think tank. As such, it is prohibited from conducting political campaign activities to intervene in elections to public office. A 501(c)(3) organization conducting voter education that (a) favor one candidate over another, (b) oppose a candidate in some manner, or (c) favor a candidate or group of candidates, constitute prohibited participation or intervention. Link.


Does Mark ever consider this when he writes his articles?


So how can ARI people bash Trump? Do you really believe ARI's tax status would be threatened in today's political environment by bashing Trump? On the other hand, do you really believe ARI's tax status would not be threatened if it bashed Biden in today's political environment? ARI's tax status also bears upon the tax-deductibility of donations made by contributors to ARI.


When Ayn Rand supported Nixon at Ford Hall Forum, she was not doing so as a principal of a 501(c)(3) organization. 


People who work for ARI -- but when not acting in that capacity -- are not so limited by 501(c)(3) rules. That is a gray area and I have no expertise about it.


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Sunday, September 27 - 5:34amSanction this postReply

In 2000 ARI  published right on their website two articles, one just a day before the election, endorsing the neocon candidate of the day.  It clearly violated their charity status.  After the election they removed both articles but one is preserved on the Wayback Machine, see the last footnote of the “Shysters” article.

These days Yaron Brook always represents his podcast as his own personal endeavor, separate from ARI.  If that is true he can endorse candidates.  But as he himself once said on the show, he counts on people associating him with ARI.

ARI represented their webinar of September 23rd as coming from ARI.  The three participants said negative things about Trump and nothing positive about Biden.  

ARI will get away with promoting a candidate this year just as they did in 2000.

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