Rebirth of Reason

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Friday, February 9 - 8:11amSanction this postReply

My usual haunt, Dragon's Lair, had a Flintstones in the new comic racks and I saw Cannibalism: the Unknown Ideal in Pebbles' room. I should have grabbed it when I was in. When I went back a few days later for The Jetsons, that one was gone. The unsold Flintstones series is now rolled into the remaindered bins.  


BTW, this not your old Hanna-Barbera...  These are DC issues and much has changed. The Flintstones still has the campy nonsequitars of dinosaurs and humans, and "stone" tools such as cellphones, but Fred's problems at work are easier to relate to.  The odd-ball Great Gazoo is now a galactic cop who really does keep the cavefolk from being exploited. ("Your planet has too much water. We will give you technology in trade for your oceans. Put your DNA here on this contract...") 


I subscribed to an arc of six Jetsons. (When making restaurant reservations, Laurel and I often go by "Jane and George.") Earth has been devastated by two disasters, global warming and a meteor strike. The Jetsons are among the survivors who were living in orbit at the time. Elroy is a teenager. He and his girlfriend go scuba diving in what was New York City. She gets caught in a collapsed structure and almost runs out of air. And now... a third disaster is about to strike...  It is much darker than the cartoons of the sixties.


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Monday, February 12 - 7:18pmSanction this postReply

Cannibalism: The Unknown Deal by Dine Rand. 

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