Rebirth of Reason

Welcome to SOLO Entrepreneurship!

We're capitalists, dammit!

But what does it mean to be a SOLOist with a commitment to making a living as an entrepreneur? My idea in proposing this group was to share experiences and ideas in applying Objectivist thought to running a business.

The reality of this group is that real capėtalists will most likely be too busy at the coalface in glorious pursuit of world-domination to contribute greatly. I do not imagine it to be a forum for philosophical discussion, but a practical source of inspiration for those who like me are happiest when creating new ways to produce products and services of value to customers.

To get things rolling, I will be posting an article within a few days introducing myself and outlining my experiences as an entrepreneur. I'll be honest- there is more to learn from my failures than my successes, but I am learning as I lose money, and have not yet lost enthusiasm and heart. I hope that will get the ball rolling and act as a catalyst to get the creative juices flowing (mixed metaphor, anyone?).

Those interested in joining the group can do so by clicking on the SoloEntrepreneurship link within the Preferences page.

I'd particularly love to hear an introduction from each person which may (or may not!) include:

- What sector you're in, and where you operate
- Whether you consider yourself to be successful as an entrepreneur
- Books you'd recommend
- To what extent objectivism influenced your decision to become an entrepreneur, and continues to influence the way you operate.

You can post these to the SoloEntrepreneurship forum on the SOLO forum board.


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