Rebirth of Reason

RoR Education is a forum for those interested in radical solutions to what can only be described as the educational crisis of our time – and who know that such solutions can only come from a philosophy dedicated to independent thought and individual sovereignty.


Like so many other elements of today’s culture, educationalists seem to be plagued by a false dichotomy, i.e. traditionalism versus progressivism, which are manifestations, in Objectivist terms, of intrinsicism versus subjectivism.


Progressivism emphasises self-expression without principles or guidelines; it derides as "fascism" standards and classroom discipline. But throwing all standards out has led to, for example, the demise of  the teaching of grammar, seen as a restriction on self-expression. Of course, self-expression only goes so far and is soon itself trumped by the dominance of the group – “groupwork”, in other words putting students into groups to muck around and waste time – is an expression of such.


Some are calling for a return to traditional standards in education. Unfortunately this means simply a return to rote-learning, bell-curves and corporal punishment, to single-sex schools and uniforms…all more akin to life in the army than in an institution supposedly dedicated to the enlightenment of the mind.


RoR Education is a forum for those who wish to transcend such dichotomy.


Unlike educationalist social engineers, we don’t claim to have any one blueprint of the way education should be down to the tiniest detail. We do, however, have some guiding principles. Education’s primary purpose is the training of the human being’s distinctive conceptual faculty. Of crucial importance is that a young person develops good thinking skills: an ability to think in abstractions tied to the world and as a result a capacity to think independently and critically. On the basis of such skills, communication, expression and imagination become possible. An objective method of education would recognise that good thinking precedes meaningful expression. This site aims to further discussion about proper pedagogy; we also hope to encourage teachers (whether professionals or parents/caregivers) to give advice to each other on how best to integrate good teaching principles into their practice. It is our hope that the site becomes a forum for Objectivists and the Objectivist-oriented to explore, discuss and debate ideas about what good teaching entails, and that it serves as a veritable mecca for teachers who would like to know how to bring Objectivist principles into their teaching.  

That said, the club is of course open to anyone with an interest in education from the perspective of the philosophy of Objectivism.

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