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Paraphrase word and sentence

When a student understands a particular text, they can refer to it as a reference and incorporate it in their writing. However, most scholars do not know whether to quote a passage or rewrite it. The trick is to read and rephrase the original text without changing its meaning. A paraphrase website and statement have several significant benefits. It allows the writer to express another viewpoint about the topic. By giving the writer a new way of looking at the problem, the author expresses a clear view of the issue. The personal perspective of the author. Remembers the argument that was made previously. Originality is crucial when it comes to academic writings. Since a work has many ideas to describe, paraphrasing them helps to prevent repetition and makes it easy to cite and recognize the scholar. The article is safe to use in the following ways.

General rules to Apply When Paraphrasing

As already mentioned, paraphrasing is not just about swapping words here and there. The rule is to ensure that the original information has not been altered. Whenever you reword the original text, chances of plagiarism are high. The following are some necessary steps to adhere to when quoting and rewriting. Ensure the quotes are in the same paragraph Reread the line/said properly, then write the last person in the middle after consulting with the supervisor Rephrase the first few lines to ensure it has flow Break down the main points in sequence Note the key concepts written in the sentence before starting the revision

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