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Sprain ankle - a very common nuisance: stepped on a hummock, slipped off the curb, did not notice a hole in the way, etc. - the foot is tucked in, and a week of painful sensations is guaranteed.

Sprain is not the correct name for the problem: there is nothing to stretch in the cords. What are bundles? These are the strands that connect one bone to another. They provide stability of movements or their restriction, they are not elastic and do not know how to stretch. Therefore, the person who twisted his leg tore the ligaments, and not stretched.

The first symptoms of such trauma are a swollen ankle, pain when moving, and possibly a bruise. Often, everyone starts to rush around the victim and to perform various, conflicting actions. We must stop, exhale and remember a few simple rules. What to do?

1. To the doctor. At first opportunity. Even if it seems that nothing terrible has happened, it is necessary to exclude a fracture or other serious damage, because then a different set of actions will be required. After the diagnosis has been made and the patient is sure that only the ligaments, and not the bones or the joint, have suffered, we can proceed to further procedures.

2. Do not load . Usually, immediately after the incident, it pulls up to check how bad the damage is: to transfer the body weight to the already suffering leg, to try to “expend” it ... Suddenly it cost? Do not. Edema on average increases for 3-5 days and then decreases as much. So, by simple mathematical calculations, it is possible to determine the time during which the damaged tissues more or less return to normal - about a week. And if there is an opportunity, it would be good to spend this week at home, carefully traveling from the sofa to the kitchen and no more. Rest is a prerequisite for starting the process of correct fusion of ligaments.

3. Bandaged . If it is not possible to spend a week lying on the couch, an orthosis or bandage is necessary. The leg should be tapered only when the load on the limb is not avoided. The main task in this case is the maximum fixation of the joint. In order for the body itself to begin treatment, you need to help him a little and create conditions for healing. In a state of rest, bandaging the limb is not worth it, it can increase or provoke edema, about the harm of which we will tell a little lower. As for the elastic bandage, there is also a small feature here. Standardly it is sold in the form of a three-meter tape, which everyone happily winds on the damaged area. It is impossible to do this - such a skein blocks access of blood to the limb in the required quantities, and with it- and beneficial trace elements that promote the healing of ligaments. The maximum allowable three layers of a bandage superimposed eight. All the excess - with a clear-cut soul.

Take note that if you are into sports, different ankle braces helps avoid this injury such as ankle brace basketball and other support braces.

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