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I'm a writer and editor with a BS in journalism and public relations and a portfolio of varied experience in web content and news writing, write my essay, essay proofing, resume editing, ghost writing blog posts, and more. I am available to draft and/or edit any text ranging from long posts to wedding invitations to an 'about me' for your website or your final paper for school.

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Conspiracy Corner: Imagination run wild
Conspiracy Corner: Imagination run wild

Conspiracy Corner is a place to invent or pass-on interesting conspiracy "theories" or, more accurately, "conspiracy hypotheses". (Read the entire blog entry)

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How the Martians Discovered Algebra
How the Martians Discovered Algebra by Roger E. Bissell

How the Martians Discovered Algebra: Explorations in Induction and the Philosophy of Mathematics by Roger E. Bissell delivers an algorithm for generating Pythagorean Triples. Central to the thesis of the work, Bissell explains how he discovered this by means of induction, not deduction. From there, Bissell takes the reader into number theory in ord... (See the whole review)

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September 26, 2015
War for Men's Minds
The Most Prosperous Nations
by Liam Joeseph Thornback
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Some nations are successful and wealthy, while others suffer in poverty. To argue, in a world dominated by economic collectivism, the true reality behind the success of countries, one must objectively present empirical facts and rational understanding.

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The Complete Symphonic Recording
The Complete Symphonic Recording
Les Miserables

This is the definitive Les Mis. In 1990, the best singers from Les Miserables productions from around the world got together and recorded this wonderful 3 CD version of the musical. It has the whole thing, all the way through. The lyrics are great, the music is great, and the passion is great. I originally had the cassette version, but I wore the t... (See the whole review)

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