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Hello everyone, A long time ago I taught philosophy, in particular that of science, as I obtained a PhD in Physics, as well. Sound investments (or was it luck?)has permitted me to retire early; now I live beachside on Sullivan's Island, just outside of Charleston. Presently, I'm writing a novel called 'Pork with Plums, which concerns the growth and maturation two young girls from Charleston. As one becomes a female Galt and the other a poet, much is devoted to their interactions and resolutions of differences in temperament. My model is Atlas Shrugged, which I adore--although i'm not too happy with Dagney, who comes across as 'needing' a man. In this regard, my own two daughters, although happily married, don't. Anyway, as a libertarian, I'm joining to exchange ideas, both personal and literary. Thanks, Brad


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