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Bikram yoga clothingSandra is the owner of a clothing boutique from Las Vegas. She took inspiration from what she sees in television. Ever since she was young, she wanted to be into the glamour world of fashion which she did not achieve due to the college course she took. She graduated as a cum laude with a degree in BS Business Administration. After college, she immediately goes into a clothing business where her heart belongs. She owns a number of boutiques that varies from branded clothing, another is a sports garments and a gown boutique. All of which she poured her heart into while planning and designing until the managing time.

Among her boutiques, her favourite is the sports garments line especially the yoga clothing from different manufacturer she is selling. But what stands out is a local brand that is not too costly but offers good style, comfort and quality. She even has her own pair of Bikram yoga clothing from that brand even if she is not into yoga. It’s her way of showing support for the thriving brand.

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