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Ellie Springer doesn't appear to be very talkative and if she doesn't know you she will only speak when necessary. Time management means everything to her. Since her grade school days she has been an avid fan of motorcycles and enjoys watching racing competitions with her Dad. Collecting of motorcycle miniature is her hobby, and she dreams of joining a moto-cross competition in the future. A self-confessed risk-taker, she takes life as a game she has to play with fairness and courage as she strongly believes that she will not excel in any area of her life without taking chances.
Eventhough the sport of motorcycle riding is generally dominated by men, Ellie disregards insecurities that she is a woman. For her, motorcycle riding is does not choose genders, it is a hobby that anyone can love and enjoy as allows every rider to feel liberty--the euphoria of freedom that you simply can't get enough in your ride. Ellie learned riding at a young age with her father who was very patient with her.

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