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She is an internet marketer working for Draw-Something-Online. As a techie person she appreciates how technology affects the lives of people. With her passion and dedication at work, she imparts the importance of technology to everyone. She believes that technology simply aims to make things easier and convenient for people while making them happy. Just like the recreations that technology provides that could let them enjoy such as online games which are now becoming a trend.
Draw Something Online is an online portal game that let users play draw something using Ipad, Ipod and other android phones. This is a new innovation in online games which lets the player play a guessing game by drawing objects. The players can take turns after each one acquires a point. This new game which is very easy and fun plus you can play draw something online free with friends or with different people to interact with each other. Having this user friendly game, she gets to enjoys playing during her spare time together with her friends or with other people whenever they play it online. Though most of her time is spent online, she can utilize this game to have friends and deal with more people who share the same interest as her.

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