Rebirth of Reason

Reese Davis

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Reese who is an artist herself works as an internet marketer for snappy canvas for quite a long time now. Though she spends most of her time in the internet, it never hindered her to squeeze her artistic side. Her passion for art and photography has helped her contribute a lot to the company. With her own skills, art becomes more appreciated by a lot of people. With dedication and hard work, she helps the company achieve its goal. As an artist, she paints and takes different photos whenever she has a free time. Most of all, one thing that completes her is to be able to keep special memories of special people and events forever.

Snappy canvas is a company created by hard working, artistic, creative and innovative individuals. Having a common goal in mind they work together to make people happy by letting them keep memories in a unique and artistic way. With their services that include customizing paintings, canvases and Photo Painting, they give a masterpiece that people can make as a decoration that speaks about the most special memories. Being a part of it, Reese has even used her own photos even those torn ones into a beautiful Photo Canvas.

Twitter: @SnappyCanvas
Facebook: Snappy Facebook Page

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