Rebirth of Reason

Loraine Davis

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Love to her passion made her succeed in the field of writing. She firmly testifies that every single thing we do accompanied with love would turned out into something great. Loraine Davis is a fashion enthusiast writer who works for lucyalice. She aims to equip every reader with a proper knowledge and understanding about improving one's self even in simply looking for an outfit. Loraine has a good taste in fashion, she'd been a fashion blogger who focuses on Womens Clothes. In her writings, she gave her tips in choosing what to wear in every day's events with appropriateness and fashionable touch. Lucyalice is a company that caters the needs of every woman regarding fashion. They provide the most stylish clothing intended for different occasions and events. The offers such "must-have" wears like Ladies jackets, Ladies Coats, Suits skirts and even accessories for career women like her. Having the best individuals to give services, they work together to meet the aggressive demands of women in this modern generation. Being a part of this company developed her skills as a woman who naturally loves fashion.

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