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Price Benowitz LLP is a law firm that prides itself for its honesty, credibility and high quality law service to it's clients. The firm's focus lay in dealing with injuries and accidents, with a purpose to give a hand to people who suffered unnecessarily because of other's negligence. Lead by founders Attorney David Benowitz and Attorney Seth Price, the Law Offices of Price Benowitz LLP with its team of aggressive such as Maryland Car Accident Attorney and Maryland Truck Accident Attorney who are committed in representing people who need a strong defense against the cases they are involved with. Price Benowitz LLP implement contingency basis while resolving their clients' cases. It means that a client may not pay fees until they are financially able.

About The Founders

Attorney. David Benowitz has been practicing as a Washington, DC lawyer for 13 years now. He is also licensed to practice in Virginia and Maryland. Atty. Benowitz has extensive knowledge in all the phases of personal injury law and criminal defense. Currently, he is a faculty member at Harvard Law School's nationally-known Trial Advocacy Workshop, a Lecturer in Law at the George Washington University Law School, and an esteemed member of Top 100 Trial Lawyers of National Trial Lawyers Association.

Attorney Seth Price was recognized as one of the top 50 lawyers of Northeast by Amtrak Magazine. Like Attorney Benowitz, he is also rated perfect 10 by AVVO.com, a Q&A forum where people can freely find and asked legal experts. Selected as one of Top 100 Trial Lawyers of National Trial Lawyers Association, Attorney Price currently serve at the associations executive board. His impressive records throughout his career made him a sought after litigator in the District of Columbia.

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