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Nicole Naum

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Attorney Nicole Naum is a skilled Virginia Criminal lawyers whose focus is to depend people facing criminal, DUI, and reckless driving cases. She joined the team of competent lawyers at Price Benowitz LLP on May 1, 2012. The firm find her knowledge to criminal defense extremely beneficial to clients who are in need of aggressive representation in court.

Attorney Nicole Naum attended the University of Michigan and graduated with the degree BS in Mathematical Sciences. She received a Juris Doctorate at the University of Detroit Mercy School of Law. Currently, she is working hand in hand with the team of credible attorneys at Price Benowitz, an established law firm based out of Washington D.C that provides services in many parts of Maryland and Virginia.

Also a certified Dumfries Criminal Lawyer, Atty. Naum is licensed to practice in the District of Columbia and in Virginia. She has profound legal expertise on criminal laws which had made her an attorney whom clients facing difficult criminal cases can rely upon. She does not only work to deliver successful defense strategies, but is also making sure that her clients understand the legalities of their case as they go through it. She does not only deal with all the legal concerns and investigation of her clients case, but also assesses her client emotionally and mentally to provide the best possible representation for them.

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