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Heidi is a web marketer for Jafrum International Inc. She loves motorcycles the same way she loves to write interesting topics about it. She find her work challenging and enjoyable in every way as she is able to explore more on the topic very dear to her heart which is motorcycle riding. She learned riding a bicycle from her dad when she was still a kid and it flourished into an interest in motorcycles when she was in high school. This time, it was her older brother who taught him to ride the big bike, and she enjoyed every inch of her lesson.

In addition, some of Heidi's favorite hobbies are designing motorcycle apparels and photography. She lives in North Carolina with her family.

Interesting Information About Heidi's Employer

Jafrum International Inc. is a company that support motorcycle riders by offering high quality apparels and gears which can be used for travel and motocross competitions. With the strict motorcycle laws implemented in the US, wearing DOT certified helmets with apparel and accessories are necessary to ensure road safety for thousands of riders in different states.

Leather jackets

To meet customer satisfaction, Jafrum.com present trusted names in motorcycle apparel manufacturing. Providing clientèles with array of selections which are truly valuable in their motorcycle ride.

Heidi is proud to be a part of Jafrum International and share the fun of riding to people she reaches out through her work.

Twitter: @JafrumStore
Facebook: Jafrum-International-Inc Page

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