Rebirth of Reason

Ed Younkins

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Ed Younkins is Professor of Accountancy at Wheeling Jesuit University.He is the author of Capitalism and Commerce:Conceptual Foundations of Free Enterprise [Lexington Books, 2002]. Many of Ed's essays can be found on line at his personal web page at www.quebecoislibre.org

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How Far WeHow Far We've Come
Bryan Larsen

I very much like this painting.  Weightlessness definitely allows for a different composition than in a regular old Earth-bound scene.  There is a sense of freedom and accomplishment in this painting, but this is interesting because it's a painting of the future with the title "How Far We've Come."  So it seems very optimistic in that it's showing ... (See the whole comment)
(Added by Jeff Landauer on 3/01/2004, 4:32am)

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Atlas Shrugged
Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand

The story of people finding the moral conviction to live their own lives, and of a man who stops the motor of the world to pave the way.  This is Ayn Rand's magnum opus. It is her comprehensive philosophical novel, dealing with each of the major categories of philosophy. This book lays down the basis of her entire philosophy in a compelling story. ...

(Added by Joseph Rowlands on 3/01/2004, 9:28pm)
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