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A/s/l? Does it really matter?
I am a middle-aged woman, married, with a teen-aged daughter. We live in a rather nice place on Long Island, New York State, the U.S. We are near the water--the L.I. Sound, and it is very wooded, which I like. We have dogs, cats, ferrets, a bird, and a horse. My husband is a psychiatrist, we are both from the Atlanta, GA area. He and I play tennis--he's very good, (nationally ranked) and I used to be pretty good. We met at Obj. lectures, which he was hosting.
I play the bassoon, and write a little music, both of a classical bent, and songs. I also write poetry, but few like it except my husband (usually) and sometimes my younger sister. Still, I foist it on people all the time, so be forewarned. My academic and professional background are varied, centered on psychology and philosophy, and academic administration.
I am interested in number theory, and especially divisibility, and prime numbers. I am interested in some topics in geology, and collect local surficial rocks for geological, educational, and lapidary uses. My great passions, intellectually, are epistemology, and the mind-body problem, especially the role of introspection in validating an epistemological dualism on mind-body.
I invent things, and am trying to figure out how to protect and sell them without having to put everything else on hold--there isn't a way, it seems.
We joke a lot at our house; we make puns and re-write commercials and devise sayings for T-shirts. We watch science and technology TV shows, Myth-Busters, Ancient History, and Book TV together (daughter, 15, opts out of Book TV every time.) New game this Christmas: Fact or Myth. We watch all the tennis that's broadcast, and not infrequently watch football (my husband was a QB in high school, state champions, college scholarship, all that.) He watches financial news shows--alone. We discuss psychiatry and my husband's cases, and we discuss philosophy, and some of the disputes on blogs such as this one.  My husband and daughter sword-fight with padded stuff, and adore beating one another up. They run regularly, also, taking star-finding equipment along to do some "gazing" when they get to the beach.
I am a terrible house-keeper, I don't make friends with the neighbors, and I always have a pile of books and papers scattered around my chair, bed, etc. I like micro-mosaic jewelry and cranberry glass, mechanical furniture, and bags. I like water-skiing and snow-skiing (good at the first, intermediate at second.) I like people who are benevolent.
I love Dick Francis's books, and rely on his characterizations for moral support--frequently. I keep a copy of Kipling's "IF" by my desk, and I named our daughter for him, (it's her middle name.) I love Jane Austen's books, and I recommend the movie Persuasion with Amanda Root and Ciaran Hinds as superior to all other film adaptations of Austen novels. Rain with Joan Crawford is another favorite.
I mostly listen to Rachmaninoff, Liszt, Chopin. I like the jazz pianist Dorothy Donegan, and anything Louis Armstrong played or sang.
I don't know if this is complete, and excuse myself from editing it. 

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