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My name is Bosch Fawstin. I'm a cartoonist and I've written and drawn a graphic novel titled Table for One. I'm currently working on a graphic novel that takes on Jihad. I'm a serious admirer of Ayn Rand's work, more than I am an Objecitivist, per se, and I see myself as an Individualist first. My website and forum is at: htpp://www.boschfawstin.com/ if you're interested in knowing more about me.

Best to you all,
Bosch Fawstin

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The SwimmerThe Swimmer
Danielle Anjou

Beautiful bronze by Danielle Anjou. Poised, powerful, heroic! I would love to see a piece fitting the description of Howard Roark splitting the water beneath the cliffs. This one will do for me. ... (See the whole comment)
(Added by John Newnham on 10/21/2004, 11:55am)

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