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Opening Young Minds to Ayn Rand's Ideas
Posted by Luke Setzer on 6/07, 9:24am
The May 2005 issue of the Ayn Rand Institute (ARI) newsletter Impact has a cover story about the ARI Free Books to Teachers project.  This project sends free classroom sets of Anthem and The Fountainhead to teachers who request them for classroom instruction and study.  Thus far, the project has placed 152,000 novels into classrooms across North America.

According to the article:
If you would like to help this important project, please call or e-mail us.  All contributions -- small or large -- are welcome.  For sponsors who contribute $3,000 or more toward the project, we will gladly affix bookplates to the inside covers each book, identifying the donor and/or the name of his or her business.
The article included a graphic of a bookplate sample which I reproduce here:

I would like to see some discussion about the feasibility of getting the SOLO name in front of young people by supporting this effort.  Given the hostility of ARI to SOLO, I wonder if they would even accept such a donation.  Certainly this project itself has a great deal of merit.
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