Rebirth of Reason

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The Green Inferno (2013)

Starring: Lorenza Izzo, Ariel Levy, Aaron Burns, Kirby Bliss Blanton
Director: Eli Roth
The Green Inferno

I have not seen this movie and given my dislike of gore have no intention of seeing it.  That said, it has significance because of its skewering of the cultural left, especially "social justice warriors" or SJWs.  In this film, a group of SJWs saves a remote tribe in the Amazon that eventually proves made of cannibals who eat them!  Justice has been served!


As for the director's motivation in taking SJWs to task, he had this to say:


It’s about these kids that get so caught up in a cause because it’s sexy, they don’t even really take the time to learn what it’s about. And you think of all these 100m YouTube views, and all these t-shirts sold and all those mugs. And then the guy’s jerking off in the street and Kony’s still out there, and it didn’t mean sh*t. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. It was completely useless. OK yes, it raised awareness. But so what? It didn’t catch him. It didn’t stop him. I think that people want to fix things instantly, and they can use their phones to do that now.


This Breitbart review aptly captures the left's reaction to the film.


Following the film’s release last weekend, the left was, predictably, branding the film “racist” for its portrayal of the Amazon’s indigenous people. The Wrap‘s Inkoo Kang called the movie a “racially reprehensible work that exploits one of the world’s most powerless peoples.” Tribal rights attorney Tara Houska penned a piece for The Huffington Post decrying the film’s “incredibly offensive depiction of indigenous people.”


See "'Bear Jew' Eli Roth Unloads on 'Out of Control' SJW Culture" for more insight.

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