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Alongside Night (2014)

Starring: Kevin Sorbo, Christian Kramme, Reid Cox, Tim Russ
Director: J. Neil Schulman
Alongside Night

Schulman's 1979 classic dystopia finally made the screen.


From "Liberty's Outlook" for March 5, 2014:

Alongside Night is the story of the final economic collapse of the United States government, a collapse brought on through quantitative easing, in- ability to sharply reduce government ex- penditures, violations of civil rights and liberties, and the outlawing of the owner- ship of gold. The movie is experienced through the eyes of 16-year old Elliott Vreeland, searching for his missing Nobel laureate economist father (played by Kevin Sorbo). He is accompanied by the mys- terious teenager “Lorimer” whom Elliott meets in a black-market underground, whose own father might be the reason Elliott’s father is missing.


Kevin Sorbo is most famous for playing the roles of Hercules and Captain Dylan Hunt in long running television series. The cast also includes Said Faraj (Green Zone), Jake Busey (Starship Troopers and Contact), Tim Russ and Garrett Wang (both regular cast members of Star Trek: Voyager), Gary Graham (Alien Nation), Valence Thomas (Men In Black 3), and introduces Christian Kramme as Elliott Vreeland. The movie also features actor Eric Colton playing Elliott’s best friend. Colton was born in Michigan and is a 2006 graduate of Michigan State University.


In the movie, Liberty Coin Service has a cameo appearance as a kiosk store in an underground free market mall, staffed by LCS Senior Numismatist Tom Coulson. Four other LCS people have bit parts in the film.


The private issue Gold Liberties used in the movie (and in real life) were provided by “LibertyCoinService.com.”


Lansing television station WILX NBC 10 and Lansing radio station 1320 WILS get credits in the film for services they contributed to the production. LCS General Manager Pat Heller is an Executive Producer. Alongside Night author J. Neil Schulman wrote the screenplay, acted in the film, and served as director and producer. Schulman’s daughter, Soleil O’Neal-Schulman sings the haunting theme song, which you hear when you view the trailer.

You can find the full cast and crew on IMDB here.

The YouTube trailer is here.



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