Rebirth of Reason

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Atlas Shrugged (2011)

Starring: Taylor Schilling, Grant Bowler, Jsu Garcia, Edi Gathegi
Director: Paul Johansson
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Atlas Shrugged
I saw it when it opened, the first showing in Ann Arbor, 12:10 PM, Friday, April 15.   About 50 people were in the theater.  The film was fine, very well done on many levels, in many ways.  The special effects were credible, integrated into the sound and sight of the live action.  The people who created it did an excellent job of taking a challenging novel to the screen.  I would have made some other choices in some other places - Dagny and Lillian exchanging the bracelet, for instance - , but it was not my movie to make. 

A minor note, Dr. Potter of the State Science Institute was played by Armin Shimerman who played Quark on Deep Space Nine.  The Ferengi are consumate traders.  At a StarTrek convention, I asked Shimerman if he knew the works of Ayn Rand. He said that he read The Fountainhead long ago, and was going to read revisit that and other works in order to bring depth to Quark's character.  It was nice to see an old fan of Ayn Rand get to participate in this work of art. 
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