Rebirth of Reason

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Sunshine (2007)

Starring: Cillian Murphey, Michelle Yeoh, Cliff Curtis, Rose Byrne
Director: Danny Boyle
SunshineI began watching this film with little to no expectation, and ended up very pleasantly surprised. Instead of focusing purely on action, as many environmental disaster movies do, this film focused on the character's psychological experience of their mission. It had both elements of a good SciFi action adventure, and an eerie psych thriller.

The sun is dying. A team of scientists is sent to deploy an incredibly large bomb which may theoretically kick start the sun, and stave off disaster for the Earth. Such a team had already been sent, but long after the unavoidable loss of communication it became clear that the team did not complete thair mission, and were likely to never be heard from again. Between the worries over what happened to the prior team, the long arduous journey towards the sun in the vast expanse of space, no contact with Earth, and everything that can go wrong going wrong...minds start to wear, personalities grate, choices must be made... will the team even last to complete their mission?

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